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Pointing Labrador Dams Breeder Dogs

As the heart beat of our kennel, these ladies are not only good mommies, but they are outstanding examples of their breed.

Like all of our dogs they are certified healthy and have no genetic defects. These dams have been specifically selected over the years for their superior genetics, temperament, hunting instincts, intelligence, and personality.


Our bloodlines consist of some of the top pointing Labrador bloodlines in the nation. These are some of the dams that we breed in our kennel to supply your outstanding hunting dogs!


Hunter Haven Copper “Penny”, born March 9, 2020, is a 55- pound yellow Labrador female. Her beautiful red coat adds to her visual appeal.  Penny has a personable temperament I the house and around other animals. Intense focus and spot-on marking ability in the field makes her an excellent companion for bird hunting.  Penny is a driven retriever, has tons of natural instinct, and has an excellent nose. Penny has a strong point and is highly intelligent. She is easy to train and always ready to go hunting.

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Hunter Haven Scarlet, a 55-pound red Labrador female, has joined our program.  She was born January 4, 2020. Scarlet has a pleasing personality with people and socializes well with other dogs. In the field, Scarlet exhibits a strong point and intense focus and is very on-task. As a hunter, she operates with a strong drive and is focused as she marks birds. Scarlet has an exceptional hunting instinct. Her intelligence lends to easy training for manners and hunting. Scarlet loves people and loves to please.

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Hunter Haven Red Cedar is a June 6, 2014 red female out of Adventure Bound’s Foxy Momma (dam) and Birchcreek Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak Cody (sire). She weighs 55 pounds and is one of our top breeder females with the desired characteristics of a natural point, strong marking sense, and a great on/off switch. She is the complete package. Red has good hips, elbows, and eyes and is EIC clear.

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Hunter Haven Pouder, our regal chocolate female, is out of Krazy Kenai of Marble Mountain (dam) and Fairbanks of Marble Mountain (sire). She continues to produce wonderfully uniform litters with chocolate pups that are in high demand with hunters and families across the nation. Pouder has a great personality, is calm and loves to please. Pouder has excellent marking abilities and lots of drive when hunting in the field. Pouder has a strong desire to please and has extra intelligence. Her hips, elbows, and eyes are good and she is EIC clear.

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Hunter Haven Jazz, a chocolate female, has been one of our top female breeders for many years. Born on April 8, 2009, she has an outstanding temperament. She has lots of drive and excellent marking abilities in the field. Jazz has outstanding instincts and rarely makes the same mistake twice. Jazz is out of HPK’s Pied Piper (dam) and BPK’s Just Call Me Sammy (sire) and has superior intelligence. Her offspring are exceptional hunting dogs for owners from coast to coast. Some of those owners have entered her offspring in field trial and hunt test competitions with excellent results. Her hips, elbows, and eyes are good and she is EIC clear.

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Hunter Haven Kate, DOB March 25, 2016, is a hunting machine with extreme desire to mark and retrieve. She is a yellow female out of Hunter Haven Ben (sire) and Hunter Haven Shadow (dam). Shadow has been an outstanding dam in our Hunter Haven breeding program for many years. Kate has a strong, natural point and has a great on/off switch. Kate has superior marking and blind running skills and has extreme intelligence. There is no quit to Kate. She loves to be around people and other animals. Her hips, eyes, and elbows are good. She will make a top- quality addition to our female breeding program.


Hunter Haven Cocoa out of our own Hunter Haven Ben and Hunter Haven Pouder is a small (50 pounds) chocolate female. Her smaller stature does not stop her from being explosive in the field. Cocoa has superior intelligence and is all-go in the field. Cocoa has a wonderful personality and loves to please as she is hunting. There is no limit to what she is ready to accomplish. Her hips, eyes, and elbows are excellent. She is EIC clear.

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Hunter Haven Jezzie is our chocolate female breeder and hunter born to Hunter Haven Ben and Hunter Haven Jazz Pied Piper on May 1, 2018. She is a loving Labrador always ready to please. Jezzie loves to hunt, point, mark, and retrieve. She has outstanding hunting genetics and it shows in the field.  Jezzie’s pedigree has tri-factored breeding which means that she has all three Labrador colors in the generations before her (chocolate, black and yellow).  If she is paired with a tri-factored male, she would have the potential to birth all three colors for pups.  Jezzie’s pups will be excellent hunters and wonderful family companions.

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Hunter Haven Molly is a yellow female pointing Labrador out of Hunter Haven Ben and Hunter Haven Yellow Bell. Molly was born January 25, 2018. Molly loves to be part of the upland game bird hunt experience. She loves to mark and retrieve. Hunter Haven Molly has a tri-factored pedigree which means that she has all three Labrador colors of yellow, black, and chocolate in her past generations. If she is paired with a tri-factored male Labrador, she has a potential to have litters with all three colors of pups. Hunter Haven Molly loves to please and be with people. Her pups will carry the genes of a great nose, hunting intensity, intelligence, and be great companions.

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