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Hunter Haven Molly 


January 25, 2018


Sire:  Hunter Haven Ben

Dam:  Hunter Haven Yellow Bell

Hunter Haven Molly is a yellow female pointing Labrador out of Hunter Haven Ben and Hunter Haven Yellow Bell. Molly was born January 25, 2018. Molly loves to be part of the upland gamebird hunt experience. She loves to mark and retrieve. Hunter Haven Molly has a tri-factored pedigree which means that she has all three Labrador colors of yellow, black, and chocolate in her past generations. If she is paired with a tri-factored male Labrador, she has a potential to have litters with all three colors of pups. Hunter Haven Molly loves to please and be with people. Her pups will carry the genes of a great nose, hunting intensity, intelligence, and be great companions.


Certification Information:

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