Pointing Labrador Available Started Female Dogs

We retain some of our pups from selected litter’s to train as started dogs.

If a dog is listed on our site as a “started dog” it can range from 6 months to 2 years old, and is priced according to the amount of training that the dog has had.

We will feature the dogs that we have available at any given time, but if you are interested in something specific feel free to contact Ross - (308) 430-0729 and talk to him about it.




Hunter Haven Copper Penny is a started red female pointing Labrador born March 9, 2020. Penny is going to be an exceptional hunter. Penny does well on her quartering back and forth. She works very hard in the field and loves to retrieve. While at work hunting birds, Penny very focused. She dos well in and out of the house. She is very loyal and has a tremendous desire to please. Her loving personality and strong work ethic go as deep as the red color in her coat. She never quits and her manners are impressive. Penny is a great companion and hunting partner.




Hunter Haven Patriot is a started yellow female pointing Labrador born April 28, 2021 and is a daughter out of Hunter Haven Jezzie and Hunter Haven Indy. Patriot, at 7 months old is doing very well on her obedience training and house manners. It is amazing how intense of a hunter she is- from day one, yet, she is so calm and lovable in the house. Remarkable drive to hunt, retrieve, and please. She has joined the hunts and has been shot over many times. She is loyal and dedicated to her natural desire to hunt. She will be a most excellent loving and hardworking companion.

IMG_2899 (1).JPG



Hunter Haven Naija is a started yellow female pointing Labrador. This started dog from our kennel was born April 28, 2021. Naija is out of the strong pointing Labrador breeding of Hunter Haven Jezzie and Hunter Haven Indy. She is doing well with her in house manners and obedience commands and she is a lot of boom on the field. With a strong desire to please she stays focused on hunting when working and on you when not on the field. So loving and loyal, much like her sister Patriot, she will hunt with the best of them and be an exceptional companion in the house.

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Hunter Haven Fancy is a started red female pointing labrador with no quit in her. She aims to please at every turn, and loves to be by your side as a companion; or outdoors working in the upland.  She is intent on being the best at everything.  This little lady is a phenomenal retriever, exceptional marker, and is perfectly behaved in the house; rather quietly resting on her place, or in the kennel.  She is outstanding in the water.  She swims like a fish, and her hunting skills are impressive.  She will heel on leash or off leash and is always keen on knowing just what her person wants.  Fancy loves to save the day, she believes her human is the hero and she is the trusted side-kick ready to do exactly what you need; exactly when you need it.  This is such a versitile dog. More than just loving to hunt, as all of our pointing labradors do, she loves the hunt because she loves to please you.   This is also proves true in whatever adventure you are up to with Fancy.  She will always perform just to see how happy she can make you. It is one of my favorite things about her second only to her perfect deep red color.  She is wonderful around the family, other dogs, and children.  She keeps a smile on everyones face.  If you are looking for a started female pointing labrador, do not sleep on Fancy.  She checks all of the boxes for sure.  For more pictures or information about Fancy give us a call.

AKC Registered and professionally trained.