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Our Proven Training Provides Reliable Performance In The Field When It Counts

Why have an average dog when you can have the ‘top dog’?

At Alcorn Kennel, we combine the superior breeding with the best pointing Lab training. Our expectations are high, but the results still supersede our client's expectations every time.

For years, we’ve heard back from owners about how “unbelievably calm” and “amazingly smart” our pups are. All we can say is: finely-tuned genetics, superior pointing bloodlines, and proven training techniques deliver every time.


Want to know more? Ross loves to chat about his hunting dogs. Give him a call at (308) 430-0729.

Available Started Dogs

Our started dogs are step above the rest- ready to hit the field running. Check out what dogs are available now!


Superior bloodline hunting dogs will make a huge difference in your upland bird and waterfowl hunting experience. Get the best trained hunting dogs available – an Alcorn Kennel Pointing Lab.

A Breed Apart. 

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