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Pointing Labrador Breeder Dogs

Our breeding program is an evolution of genetic engineering by Ross, who has raised hunting dogs all his life.

Ross raises and trains the pointing Labradors and then carefully watches their performance in the field and around people and other dogs. He selects those pointing Labradors who exhibit the qualities he wants to continue in the kennel as the breeders.


Qualities he looks for are overall positive disposition in all areas inside and outside. One of his top criteria is intelligence. The dog has to be able to listen well, follow directions, but needs to also be able to have that extra intelligence to think on its own and just “know” what needs to happen by watching or experiencing the hunt.


Of course, Ross wants his dogs to point and quarter. He also looks for strong natural instincts that will aid in the ease of training and precision in hunting.


Want to know more? Ross loves to chat about his hunting dogs. Give him a call at (308) 430-0729.

Peek into the world of Alcorn Kennel breeding, where we are five generations deep into a bloodline that has attained mastery of hunting dog lines. Our breeders are truly a breed apart.


Superior bloodline hunting dogs will make a huge difference in your upland bird and waterfowl hunting experience. Get the best trained hunting dogs available – an Alcorn Kennel Pointing Lab.

A Breed Apart. 

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