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There’s No Substitute For 30 Years Of Experience

Alcorn Kennel has spent decades building a reputation for raising some of the best trained hunting dogs in the U.S.

Our certified kennel produces pups that are very independent and attentive during training. Alert and ready to go, our trained hunting dogs will work hard all day and be ready to go bright and early the next day.


Noted for their calmness and relaxed demeanor, even around children and other animals, our Pointing Labs are praised for their intellect and teachability.


Ross has a true love for his dogs, and has devoted himself to producing world-class Pointing Labs that are at home in the field and are faithful family companions.

Our Labs are healthy and happy. Bred with a natural point while retaining their innate desire to retrieve; they’ll hunt strong all day in the upland, remain steady in the duck blind, and relax at your side when the day is done.


Want to know more? Ross loves to chat about his hunting dogs. Give him a call at (308) 430-0729.

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