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Yellow litter of pups first part of September, 2020 out of Red and Indy

Ross Alcorn has spent a lifetime re-tuning the genetics in his Pointing Labrador hunting dogs.

Labrador Hunting Puppies

He focuses on intelligence, endurance, and temperament in his hunting dogs. They are perfect for hunting families! Alcorn Kennel gundogs have calm temperaments in the house and are intense hunters in the field.

Owners consistently report their Pointing Labs have exceptional instincts, noses, and early hunting abilities that far exceed anything they have ever experienced. In fact, our pups are known for pointing and retrieving birds as early as eight weeks old.

With their exceptionally calm temperaments, our Labrador Retrievers are popular family dogs as well as hunting dogs. Bred from superior bloodlines for upland bird and waterfowl hunting, these trained hunting dogs demonstrate a natural aptitude and superior intelligence, with an outstanding ability to point, soft mouths for retrieving, and a strong desire to bring birds to hand.


Proven for decades on hunt tests, field trials, and by hunters across the country; Alcorn Kennel birddogs are truly a breed apart.

Available Dogs: Pups and Started Dogs

Ready to see the Alcorn Kennel difference? Here are the dogs that are currently available. To learn more about the bloodline and history of our pointing Labs, click here.

See What Breeders And
Owners Are Saying About Our Dogs

When I first got Sonny, I wanted to work on his retrieving). I got some frozen feathered birds and hid them throughout the property. Went for a walk and he found every one! Had him sit, threw one, he retrieved it, immediately! Switched to dummies with feathers and within 3 weeks, he was consistently doing triples on command! Last year he retrieved about 90 birds. 5 of them were geese! This year as soon as he sees me get hunting clothes on, he gets all jacked up. He is extremely athletic and very lean and fast. Now he can jump into my truck bed with the tail gate up, blew me away when he first did it! He hunts ducks. He sits on command and will not move from his blind! He is EXTREME in intelligence and hunting skills. Sonny loves to please. Has not lost a bird yet... he is relentless! He loves to pheasant hunt... will go all day long zig- zagging at great pace! Great family dog... he is also a mama's boy! Sonny is really an incredible pet and hunting partner Thank you again
— Bert and Susan B., California
Our dog, Hunter, is the complete package. He's an amazing hunter with great athletic ability and natural intuition. He has unbelievable stamina and will hunt for hours on end. But more than that, he's a kind, gentle, and irreplaceable part of our family. We are so grateful that we found Alcorn Kennel. These really are the best labs out there. We are eagerly awaiting our next Alcorn Kennel lab puppy. From
— Joe W., Wyoming
Ross, Herschel has been a perfect pup. He is sharp and has a very great temperament. It helps that we have Forrest for him to model on. As I've told you before Forrest is the best dog I've ever owned or even been around when it comes to calm temperament but still has a great nose and loves to hunt.
— Mark G., Colorado
Sage has been the best dog that I have ever had at home and in the field. She has been a strong pointer from the start and has only gotten better as time went on. Sage has always had good drive and has trained easy. She is 13 years old and is still hunting strong. We have been so pleased with Sage that we just ordered another dog from Alcorn Hunter Haven
— Chris A. from Montana
I’ve had multiple trained hunting dogs, none as good as Dusty. I think he actually knows what I’m saying. I taught him to retrieve the paper with one command! He has brought such joy, thank you, Ross.
— John J.
My dog Chief...he’s like family! He is a great hunter, natural pointer, and gets better with every hunt. He’s equally as great in the house, duck blinds, or upland eld.
— Matt. H