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Ross Alcorn has spent a lifetime fine tuning the genetics in his Pointing Labrador hunting dogs. With a focus on intelligence, endurance, and temperaments, they are a great addition to the family while being intense hunters in the field. Alcorn Kennel produces the best hunting companion available.

Proven for decades on hunt tests, field trials, and by hunters across the country; Alcorn Kennel birddogs are truly a breed apart.


Owners consistently report their Pointing Labs have exceptional instincts, noses, and early hunting abilities that far exceed anything they have ever experienced. In fact, our pups are known for pointing and retrieving birds as early as eight weeks old.

With their exceptionally calm temperaments, our Labrador Retrievers are popular family dogs as well as hunting dogs. Bred from superior bloodlines for upland bird and waterfowl hunting, these trained hunting dogs demonstrate a natural aptitude and superior intelligence, with an outstanding ability to point, soft mouths for retrieving, and a strong desire to bring birds to hand.


Available Dogs: Pups and Started Dogs


Ready to see the Alcorn Kennel difference? Here are the dogs that are currently available. To learn more about the bloodline and history of our pointing Labs click the links below.


Superior bloodline hunting dogs will make a huge difference in your upland bird and waterfowl hunting experience. Get the best trained hunting dogs available – an Alcorn Kennel Pointing Lab.

A Breed Apart. 

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